Valley of tears

Loss of tissue in the area under the eye, so called valley of tears can appear regardless the age. In the young, it is usually associated with genetic predispositions, later on it occurs due to aging processes.

Very often, as a result of skin thinning, dark circles under the eyes emerge, giving the impression of a tired face. Hyaluronic acid injections provide the ideal solution to this problem. The active ingredient, replenishing the tissue loss, fills the existing cavity, subtracts years and brings a refreshing look. After a few months following the procedure, also dark circles under the eyes become significantly less visible. It should be noted that predisposition to periorbital puffiness (swelling around the eyes) is the contraindication to this treatment, as it may aggravate the existing problem.

Price list:

  • Valley of tears: 1300 zł (Restylane Perlane)

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