DermaPen device (by EQUIPMED®) uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic pulsating function. By the formation of fine channels, it allows for the treatment delivery deep into the skin. Comparing to traditional mesotherapy methods, DermaPen causes minimal epidermal damage and less pain. Impressive efficiency, precision, comfort and ease of application allow physicians and patients around the world to enjoy the remarkable results of treatment with no adverse effects.

Automatic skin needling technology enhances the treatment effectiveness by increasing the degree of penetration of active ingredients into the skin. At the same time, pain and discomfort of the patients are reduced to the minimum.

Indications and effectiveness of the therapy:

  • significant wrinkles smoothing
  • stretch marks diminution
  • acne scars treatment
  • burn scars treatment
  • -hair loss treatment

Mechanism of action

  • stimulation of the collagen and elastin production
  • fibroblast stimulation through the actions of the platelet derived growth factor
  • improvement of the skin density and elasticity

Due to the patented technology of vibrating needles, DERMAPEN® is more potent and safe comparing to the devices used in traditional mesotherapy. The time of recovery is significantly reduced so that the patient can soon return to daily activities.

DERMAPEN® can be fine-tuned, exactly determining the depth of injection (ranging from 0,5 mm to 2,5 mm). Therefore, unlike dermarollers and nappage technique, it allows for the precise control of the procedure.

Advantages of the DERMAPEN®

  • short time of the procedure
  • automatic control of the injection depth
  • minimized pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • short recovery time
  • ease of use
  • elimination of cross-contamination risk (disposable needles)

Effects of treatment (before and after)


Confirmed quality


Excellent quality of the innovative DERMAPEN® technology is recognized worldwide. Comfort, precision and efficacy of the treatment have been appreciated by doctors and patients around the world.

DERMAPEN® has been awarded BEST MEDICAL DEVICE at the AESTHETIC SHOW in Las Vegas, in April 2012.

Price list:

  • face: 350 – 500 zł*
  • neck: 350 – 500 zł*
  • neckline: 350 – 500 zł*
  • eyes: 250 – 350 zł*
  • face and neck: 450 – 650 zł*
  • face, neck and neckline: 550 – 750 zł*

*Prices include the application of the preparation for mesotherapy.

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