Specialist Medical Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery SCM, was established with the aim to offer medical services to the most demanding patients.

Equipped with the very latest technology, SCM is one of the most modern medical centers in Poland. We perform the therapeutic one-day surgery and ambulatory care services.

Our operating suite has been designed to meet the highest criteria according to international standards. The operating room is fully automated and equipped with:

  • multi-position remote control operating table
  • two lamps: Sim LED 7000 and Sim LED 5000
  • Dräger anesthesia machine
  • two surgery columns with pneumatic drive
  • Diathermy (Erbe VIO)
  • surgical instruments of the highest quality (Aesculap)
  • equipment for complex endoscopic surgeries (Olympus) with modern HD endoscopic camera

With concern for the safety of our patients the operating theater is made of high quality materials. The walls are covered with a washable material Korian.

The operating room is equipped with air conditioning with laminar airflow. All of the doors (GEZE) have an electric drive which allows for touchless opening.

Computerized consulting rooms, operating rooms as well as ultrasonography (USG), cardiotocography (CTG) and electrocardiography (ECG) laboratories and specimen collection room are at your disposal.

Operating room is equipped with surgical-treatment table (by Finnish producer Merivaara). USG examination is performed using the highest quality sonographer (Voluson 730 Expert).

In order to assure the best comfort for our female patients, gynecological examination room is equipped with the latest technology gynecological chair (Shmitz arco) and colposcope (Leisegang).

Our electrocardiography laboratory uses ECG Medical M-Trace device.

Each room in the Specialist Medical Center is air- conditioned. Moreover, the entire facility has been designed to meet the needs of disabled patients.

With attention to detail, we offer to our patients the highest standard of services as well as the pleasant stay.

The Center is equipped with cardiac monitor and respirator (Dräger). Each patient room has a spacious bathroom with shower cabin.

Patient room amenities include: automatic beds made of the highest quality materials (by German producer Völker), mobile closets which are integral parts of beds, telephones, fast internet connection and daily newspaper delivery. Remote control allows for an easy modulation of the bed position and room lighting, it also serves to call our medical staff, who is always at your disposal.


SCM Specialist Medical Center is the highest level medical facility.

We provide our patients with professional medical, psychological and emotional care.

Highly qualified, experienced medical staff and latest technology equipment are among our principal assets.

SCM Specialist Medical Center provides the highest quality services specially for our patients!